The Life of Marco Polo

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Born in 1254 A.D, Marco Polo grew up with a Venetian family in a trading environment. Polo, a highly educated individual, lives on in history as one of the greatest explorers of the 13th and 14th century. He traversed the Far East while keeping a detailed account of everything he experienced. His enthusiasm towards traveling, inspired by his family, propelled him to the accomplishments scholars remember him for today. Scholars utilize many of his maps, textbooks, and history lessons around the world. Polo lived a trading life as an exemplary merchant who had a vast amount of knowledge compared to anyone at that time. Polo’s history, travels, and experiences in China define his character and life. Marco Polo lived during a time in which Europe consisted of many small nations and city-states, quite different from the present condition of Europe (East Asian Curriculum Project). While he grew up, his father and uncle embarked on many trips across Europe and even some across Asia (Childress 44). Polo’s childhood home, Venice, did not have any schools, so he learned through tutoring at home (17).  However, Polo still managed to gain a vast amount of knowledge concerning church and literature (East Asian Curriculum Project). As he traveled, Polo experienced different cultures and languages, allowing him to become a multi-lingual person. He mastered four languages and gained a thorough understanding of the world beyond Europe, all the while keeping detailed accounts of his many travels (Silk Road Foundation).  Some wonder why Marco receives praise as a pioneer even though he traveled to places that encompassed large areas and contained predominantly civilized people. However, at that time, a small number of people knew about the extant cultures in the Far East (Rugoff vii). Polo not only traveled through these parts of the world, but he also recorded his travels for generations of people to witness as well. A traveler who ventured to many places that Europe deemed...
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