The Life of King Tutankhamen

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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King Tutankhamen
Strayer University
HUM 111
November 3, 2012
Jocelyn Thorton

Tutankhamen died at the young age of 18 years; however the cause of his death was never confirmed. This essay is written to discuss his death, whether he died from injury, illness, or was he murdered? Using 2 theories, I will attempt to clearly state the “mystery” and then explain a little bit about it. There is little that is known about the death of Tutankhamen. He practically disappeared from history, until his tomb was discovered in 1922. They are many controversial topics surrounding how the death of King Tutankhamen. Some people believed that he was murdered, because of his rise in power and greed. There are also other people that he actually fell of his chariot. While there are still others that believe he died from an illness that he sustained ( ,2010). His father, King Akhenaten had made significant changes in the Egypt, in which he wanted to pass the idea of only having one god. That was a belief that clearly went against what the Egyptians believed in. So in return, some people believed that King Tutankhamen was murdered, because of the changes that his dad had made.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, King Tutankhamen had osteonecrosis of two metatarsal bones in one foot. These experts believe that he died from a combination of malaria and osteonecrosis. DNA evidence suggested that he was infected with malaria parasite called Plasmodium falciparum (, 2010). Recently CT scans suggested that he could have died from a broken leg that became infected. One theory that I think well explains the death of King Tutankhamen is the theory which states that he died from an infection. The fact that he had two dangerous disease, malaria and osteonecrosis, is definitely enough to cause his death. He also had an untreated broken leg where the disease of osteonecrosis set in. There is scientific evidence, so this...
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