The Life of Kidney Stones

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The Life of Kidney Stones
David Ayonon
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May 13, 2010

The Life of Kidney Stones
Each year, more than half a million people go to the emergency room for Kidney Stone problems (Kidney Stone Foundation, 2010). The medical term your doctor may use instead of Kidney Stones is Renal Calculus. Although Kidney Stones can be prevented, one in ten people will have Kidney Stones at some time in their lives (Kidney Stone Foundation, 2010). Kidney Stones find their way out of the human body through urine. This causes severe pain in the back and side of the body near kidney area or in the lower abdomen. Medical doctors say that Kidney Stone problems will cause one of the most painful experiences that someone could ever experience. A Kidney Stone is a rocklike substance made up of tiny crystals of calcium in the urine. The stones are usually yellow or brown and it can transform into different shapes and sizes. There are four different types of stones, but most people usually develop just one type. These main types of stones are Calcium Stones, Struvite Stones, Uric Acid Stones, and Cystine Stones (NIDDK, 2007). Kidney Stones form in the kidneys and try to pass through the Ureter to get inside of the bladder. If the stone is too big to pass through the Ureter, then this is when people experience severe pain.

The main symptom for Kidney Stones is severe pain that starts suddenly around the kidney area and may start moving toward the groin or testicles. Other symptoms would include abnormal urine color, blood in the urine, nausea, vomiting, chills and fever. If someone experiences any of these symptoms, they should immediately call the doctor for medical treatment. After your health history and exam, the doctor will suggest blood tests, CT scans, urinalysis and other imaging test to help find out the size and location of the stones. After the diagnostic tests,...
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