The Life of Kelly Kendrick

Topics: Horse Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: October 13, 2012
Lacy Spano
Dr. Richey
English 1302
September 13, 2012
Descriptive Essay
For the love of a horse might define Kelly Kendrick. Kelly is an active horse trainer and lover but with a major in phycology. Some might go as far to think her major is not intended for humans but horses. Kelly has a deep understanding with horses. She does not look at what they did when in the wrong, but why they did that. Kelly is quiet in most cases, constantly thinking and imagining things.

Kelly is small for her age, even though she is 19; she only stands five foot four. Long, thin, wavy brown hair, with a colored one every few strands hidden in the in the next lock. Her hair is always braided back, out of her face, meeting in the back of her head in the dead center. Her ears creep out of her golden brown hair perfect in size to listen to what is being said.

Out of her hair comes her pale, oval shaped face. Since spending most of her time with the horses at night, or during winter months all day, the sun does not absorb into her skin. Kelly’s warm face shows a hard worked life. Each dark circle under her eyes shows restless sleep from the night before. Whether from work or thinking, the tired eyes show through the days after. Her deep green eyes, tell a kind story. They give a warm feeling. Her nose is slightly centered to the right and pointing outward. When she smiles, her chin creeps outward revealing the small shape. Her lips always clothed in gloss, reveal behind them her perfect straight white teeth.

Kelly’s hands tell a story of a hard worker. Her hands are rather large in size but very rough. I think she has dirt stains and horse sent stained into her hands. Each finger is consumed with several calluses from the years of hard work and horses. However, when mentioned she simply smiles softly and remarks with “for the love of the horse.” Her short fingernails carry dirt embedded from work days before. Her arms have carried the weight of a thousand worries, and...
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