The Life of Joseph Stalin

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Unfortunately for the world Joseph Stalin was the one child out of the four in his family that survived past his childhood. Joseph Stalin was born on December 21, 1879, in Gori, Russia. Joseph Stalin’s father died when he was just eleven years of age, so his mother took complete responsibility of taking care of the boy. Joseph Stalin’s mother was a very religious woman and she also made sure that her son was educated. Joseph Stalin attended an elementary school in which was under the administration of the Orthodox church. In 1894 Joseph Stalin received a scholarship to the Orthodox Theological Seminary in Tbilisi. Nothing out of the ordinary occurred in Joseph Stalin’s childhood that you would expect to see in a man that would later become one of the world’s most brutal leaders. As a result of his use of fear, intimidation, and his successful plan to oust his main rival, Leon Trotsky, Joseph Stalin was able to seize power in Russia.

From the beginning of Joseph Stalin’s college career he was seen as a leader. He started a committee in his college because he did not like the school’s curriculum. He recruited members so that they could study the Russian Tsanst government as apposed to the Orthodox school’s curriculum. Joseph Stalin’s first role in the government came in 1898 when he united with a secret Marxist revolutionary committee. He then also worked for a writing company where he had articles published over time. After this in 1901 he was accepted into the Russian Social Democratic Labor party. Between the years of 1902 and 1913 Joseph Stalin was arrested numerous times for several different crimes. Luckily he was able to escape quite often and by the end of his sentence of being exiled in Siberia Joseph Stalin had been appointed by Lenin to the Bolshevik Central Committee. Joseph Stalin was able to take charge of the Bolsheviks when Lenin went into hiding, fearing arrest. When Lenin came back he had decided that he would have Stalin whom he trusted be one of his high in power lieutenants.

Stalin seized power in Russia when Lenin died although Lenin had warned everyone that Stalin was dangerous and that he should be gotten rid of. Lenin also took a stern disliking of Stalin because of incidents that they had previously run into. One being that Stalin contacted Lenin’s wife on the phone and abused her. Lenin not so happy after hearing about this sent a letter to Stalin:

“Dear Comrade Stalin,
You were sufficiently ill-bred to call my wife to the telephone and abuse her. Though she has informed you of her willingness to forget what was said, the act has nevertheless become known to Zinovyev and Kamenev through her. I do not intend to forget so easily what has been done against me. And I need hardly say that I consider what has been done against my wife to have been also directed against myself. I must therefore ask you to consider whether you are ready to take back your words and apologize or whether you prefer the rupture of the relations between us.”

Lenin clearly stated that the offensiveness of what Stalin had done and that Stalin should find a way to forgive her and that she would forget about the situation or Stalin could refuse to do anything and Lenin would take the matters into his own hands. Lenin also wrote to Trotsky that same day asking for him to defend the Georgian Communist Party that was under persecution by Stalin and Dzerzhinsky. Trotsky could not help Lenin with this dilemma due to his illness. Lenin could not keep Stalin from persecuting the Georgian Communist Party especially because he suffered a stroke on March 10, 1924. Lenin was out for the next ten months with Stalin high in power and tried to have the Secretary-General dethrone Stalin but, Lenin knew that that would only happen if they were extraordinarily lucky. Another suspicion arose unsurprisingly that Stalin may have tried to artificially end Lenin’s life’. Trotsky was the main accuser and pointed out several reasons...
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