The Life of Jeffery Dahmer

Topics: Jeffrey Dahmer, Serial killer, Murder Pages: 4 (1522 words) Published: March 19, 2013
On May 21, 1960, a future serial killer was born to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer. Of course, they were unaware at the time that they had created who was to be one of the most well known serial killers in Wisconsin, and possibly even the United States. There was nothing unusual about him in his early years. He was overall a very happy child up until he had a minor operation at the age of six, and the birth of his younger brother. Afterwards he was never the same. He lacked confidence, and became secluded. Around the same time, his Lionel was offered a job in Ohio. He took the job, and the family moved from their Iowa home to Ohio, resulting in reducing Jeffery's already low self-esteem, disconnecting him further, and losing the few friends he had. Jeffery has stated repeatedly that his urges to murder and his necrophillia began around age fourteen. Some believe that his parents rocky marriage, bitter divorce, and the mental and emotional stress associated with those events may have been the catalyst for turning the early thoughts into actual actions. It wasn't until after he had graduated highschool in June of 1978 that he claimed his first victim. A hitchhiker named Steven Hicks made the mistake of accepting a ride from Jeffery, who took him to his parents home where they drank beer and had intercourse. When Hicks went to leave, Jeffery delivered a blow to the back of his head with a barbell killing him. He dismembered Hicks' body, put it into bags, and buried it in the woods behind his house. After his first victim, he became a severe alcoholic, dropping out of Ohio State University after only one term as a direct result of his drinking. His father, who had recently been remarried, insisted that he join the Army. Jeffery conceded and was posted in Germany. Two years later, his drinking problem resulted in Dahmer getting discharged from the Army. He returned to his parent's home in Ohio, and almost immediately unearthed the remains of Steven Hicks and completely...
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