The Life of Henry Moseley

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  • Published : October 21, 2012
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Henry Moseley: An Annotated Bibliography
Todd Helmenstine (November 23) November 23 Science History. Retrieved from:
In this short analysis of Moseley’s accomplishment, Helmenstine basically summed up the most important facts about Henry Moseley and his discoveries. He shows how Moseley proved that the element’s atomic number is more important than the element’s atomic weight. This proved to be important because back then, “atomic number was just a number indicating the element's position on the periodic table and not a measurable quantity.” Although the facts are short, it is a quick outlook of Moseley’s accomplishments. The information found here is safe to use because sites such as do not make up any of their facts. Henry Moseley (2012) Retrieved from:

This biography has far more information than the previous one. It goes deeper into Moseley’s life instead of just giving general facts about him. The author goes in chronological order by stating his early life, his middle life which includes his discoveries and accomplishments, and his life when he’s older. It goes into more detail by giving the names of his discoveries such as Moseley’s Law which happens to be the systematic relationship between the atomic number and wavelength. The biography also explains that if he had not died in war, he would have contributed even more about the atomic structure and possibly winning a Nobel Prize.” This biography is up to date, and seems to be reliable due to the wide range of other scientists.

Heilbron, J. L. (1974). H. G. J. Moseley: The Life and Letters of an English Physicist, 1887–1915. Berkeley: University of California Press. Retrieved from:

In this analysis of Moseley’s life/ discoveries, more facts are being shown. For example, it shows that there was a research...
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