The Life of Heinrich Schliemann

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  • Published : July 15, 2012
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Homer and the Trojan War – Heinrich Schliemann
Heinrich Schliemann was an extremely successful German businessman, born in the town of Neubukow on January 6th 1822, he was the son of a protestant minister, Ernest Schliemann and his mother was Luise Therese Sophie who died when Schliemann was only a child aged 9. During his childhood Heinrich’s father taught him of the tales of Troy, Homers Iliad and Odyssey. This sparked Schliemann’s interest of Troy. He claimed that at the age of 8 he announced he was to one day excavate Troy. As a child Schliemann attended a grammar school for a short period of time, later on his father was blamed of stealing church funds and was fired. The lack of income meant Schliemann could not attend the grammar school and later was not able to go to University to study what he was interested in for all his childhood, archaeology. Schliemann later created a banking business where he bought and sold gold from miners and it was believed he made $1,350,000 in just the first six months. He then went on to marry Ekaterina Petrovna Lyshina on 12th October 1852who Schliemann later divorced. He then went on to marry a young Greek girl called Sophia. An archaeologist named Frank Calvert had come to a conclusion after careful research that Troy was located in Hisarlik, which is located from Turkey and is 6.5km from the Aegean Sea. Calvert had bought some of the land and had already begun excavating but needed funds. He told Schliemann, who was eager and wealthy of the site and they then went on as partners to excavate Troy. Even though they became partners, later Schliemann went on to never mention Calvert in any of his letters sent back, regarding Troy. Schliemann did not have an understanding of any specific methods of excavating seeing as no there had never been any excavations as large as what he was about to discover and he had not been able to study at university. With a team of Calvert’s men they began excavating Hisarlik. Schliemann and...
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