The Life in Holocaust

Topics: Family, Jews, Germany Pages: 3 (1222 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Adele at 14 years old
Adele at 14 years old
Adele was only 15 years old when the war broke out on 1st September 1939. She was the youngest of three in her family and her family came from Lvov, a city in eastern Poland that had a large Jewish population before the Second World War. During the Second World War, all Jewish people and Adele had to wear a yellow star called “Star of David”, on the star it says ‘Jude’, its means Jew. Adele’s mother Hannah sew Adele’s star onto Adele jacket and she had to wear it every day when she was outside. In 1942, Adele’s parents was afraid of what was happening around them and their family, Adele’s parents decided to get on a train to Budapest To try and get away from the Germans but unfortunately on the way there the Germans took over and leaded the train toward to the Belzec death camp.

When Adele and her family arrived at the camp, the doors of the cattle car were pulled opened. The first thing they heard was shouts of, "Out, as soon as you can, out. Your belongings you leave there!" Despite this they grabbed what they could and assembled outside. Before us stood an immense rectangle of land surrounded by electrically-charged barbed wire. That was the Belzec death camp. Adele had already lost 13 members of her family- her parents, both sets of grandparents, three aunties and four of her cousins. That was the last time Adele saw her parents. Later she was separated from a further five cousins and two uncles but she still had her two sisters with her. Before Adele’s mother Hannah was sent to the gas chamber, the last thing she said to her and her two older sisters was “girls please do everything humanly possible to survive and to tell people what happened to us, so that it can be prevented from ever happening again. I love you all forever” then blew them a kiss. They cried for days but they knew they had to stay strong together and survive.

When Adele arrived the camp and after losing her family members, Adele had to...
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