The Life and Teachings of Jesus

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Hana Bertram Life& Teachings of Jesus 1/29/2012

In response to Stephen Van Eck first argument that there is a lack of evidence that Jesus ever existed, there are many shown items that prove that Jesus existed. The first is that there are biblical sources such as writings from Paul and the Apostles, the very men that followed Jesus. There are sources outside of the bible, the Apocryphal gospels which are 25 books that give evidence of wide awareness of Jesus’ life. Tacitus, who was a Roman historian (61-117 A.D.), gives the most significant reference to Jesus in all classical literature where he also discusses Nero’s burning. He was a first century witness and all his historical data matches the gospels. Josephus, who was a Jewish historian (37-100 A.D), commanded the Jewish armies of Galilee, defected to the Romans. His writings describe about the time that Jesus lives and that he was a doer of wonderful works, he goes on by saying that he was a teacher of men who receive truth with pleasure and he drew to him many of the Jews and many of the Gentiles. Stephan states that “so far from being the Son of God he did not even exist as a man that he is merely an imaginary of allegorical character as Apollo, Hercules, Jupiter and that there was no history written at the time of Jesus. This all shows that there was number of accounts and a wide spread of information that Jesus Christ did exist.

Ecks says that the Old Testament passages are alleged prophecies and the strong indication that many of the details of the Gospel stories were simply concocted to match what those passages seemed to suggest. Many people don’t believe that the stories in the bible or told by eyewitnesses are not real because there is no geographical evidence. In the Case for Christ (pg. 128) they state that a long time ago people questioned the validity of a statement by Josephus the first century historian, that this harbor was...
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