The Lie (Short Story)

Topics: Love, Friendship, Best Friends Pages: 2 (828 words) Published: March 18, 2012
“The Lie”

Red: A propositionGreen: I proposition
Blue: E propositionPurple: O proposition

Trust is like a chocolate, when it melts even though how hard you try to mold it again, it will never come back to its true form. I thought when you love someone, you can fully ensure your trust, but I guess it is not always like that. Man is not born to be honest all the time and persons who always lie are not trustworthy. I am Kenji, 17 and a freshmen student of Youkai University here in Japan. I am not that handsome, I think? But I belong to one of the most popular group in school, the BREAKS. Some of the students are not likely to become a member of the group; it is like the F4 you know except that we are six members. We are usually looked up by many, but not all of the students like us, especially the boys since our group is dominating all of the female’s attention. But still no one dares to pick a fight with us. Of course, if there are boys, there also exists a popular female group. Jessie is one of the most beautiful girls of the Aphrodite. She has a high sprit child-like attitude above all of them. Her long black hair and sparkling dolly eyes, captivates and makes some of the students look back at her. She is indeed very charming, sweet, lovable and the leader; no wonder boys are attracted to her. Few of the members are not as captivating as she is, though Jessie is not that smart neither dumb. Based on my observations she is very much average when it comes to intellectual capacities, that’s why I have not liked her a bit.

We were on the same section; of course we have same subjects, except one. My friend Edward likes her, and she often became our topic. I got bumped into her since I am his seatmate. It’s a perfect timing! I can be the bridge for Edward.

Each day that passed we became closer to each other. She is very sweet to me and I wonder why? She shows me a lot of care and even act flirty towards me in front of my friends. I guess...
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