The Liberator and Garrison

Topics: William Lloyd Garrison, Abolitionism, The Liberator Pages: 4 (1428 words) Published: October 29, 2012
William Lloyd Garrison and The Liberator
In the 1830’s there was little to no supporters of the abolishment of slavery in America. The actions that were taking place during this time period were completely against the morals held today and were definitely against those of abolitionist publisher William Lloyd Garrison. In 1830, Benjamin Lundy’s “Genius of Universal Emancipation” stopped printing; Garrison was the co-editor of this paper. The halt of this newspaper was the end of the most powerful anti-slavery publication around at that time and left a hole in the mass media for a voice for those who could not be heard. Make way for, “The Liberator”. Garrison released the first issue of The Liberator on January 1st 1831, in that first issue he stated the newspapers purpose was to: “To oppose and thwart, with heart and hand, thy brutalizing away -- till Afric’s chains are burst, and freedom rules the rescued land, -- trampling oppression and his iron rod.” These are very strong words and shortly following them Garrison lets his readers know that he “WILL BE HEARD.” The Liberator was in every sense of the word an anti-slavery newspaper and its editor William Lloyd Garrison was one of the biggest abolitionists of the time. Yet, it was Garrison’s commitment to fairness, truth, and validity that allowed the newspaper to survive long enough to see its goal realized. Garrison saw an America where every man was truly created equal, in which a government would truly protect its entire people regardless of race, in which the media would truly perform its “watch dog” duty, Garrison saw an America in which every man’s voice was heard through the media, not just the voice of the majority. Garrison was obviously an advocate for basic human rights and unlike other people of the time, his duty and devotion to the protection of his common man was well above his duty and pride of being American. As a newly liberated Country the feeling and patriotism of being “American”...
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