The Less Tangible Rewards That Children Get from Sports

Topics: Shirt, Basketball, Human Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: December 7, 2007
What are the less "tangible rewards" that children get from sports?

I believe that everyone benefit from exercising sports whether men or women, young or old, and thin or fat. What makes sports a 5-class activity is that it fits all human beings. Even if people speak different languages, we all can speak the sport's language. It is the language which can be spoken by all humans. That is the beauty of it. Sports are much, much more than moving your body. It is a way of living, a philosophy and even a religion in some countries. We benefit two types of rewards from sports: Tangible and intangible rewards. Tangible rewards are clear. By moving your whole body in an active way, your muscles become stronger. Moreover, you become in a situation less susceptible to diseases. Therefore, the tangible rewards strengthen the "Health & Fitness" part of your life.

On the other hand, there are intangible rewards of exercising sports like football, basketball, walking, running and swimming. These intangible rewards are difficult to spot or observe. You need an intelligent super mind that magnifies things so you can observe such unclear benefits. I have discovered that sports, especially "group-type sports" like football and basketball, are the best way to learn and practice leadership, teamwork, concentration, communication and motivation in a practical way. For example, in football, you have the ability to demonstrate your leadership skills to guide your team and to test your concentration by taking the responsibility of scoring a penalty kick at the last minute of the game. You can also benefit from the "individual-type sports" like walking, running and climbing. You can learn from such activities endurance, determination and patience. I think you are now motivated to put on your boots and play some football or wear on your sleeveless shirt and go for a walking.

We can't say that these only are the advantages of sports. Sports are like a stream flowing water. Sports...
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