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The Lennard Clinic

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The Lennard Clinic, Incorporated¡­Agency Visit

On Wednesday, March 7, 2007 Ms. Fatima Oliveira, MA, CCJS, CCBT (Director of AIDS services) of the Lennard Clinic was interviewed at 2:00pm. This Lennard Clinic is based at 461 Frelinghuysen Avenue, Newark, New Jersey 07114. The telephone number at the methadone treatment agency is (973) 596-2850. This facility (The Lennard Clinic I) assist men and women who are opiate addicted. Also, it assist adult females who are pregnant that are opiate addicted, as well as AIDS clients who have an issue with opiate drugs. The mission of the clinic helps opiate users in Essex and Union counties ¡°to reduce illicit substance abuse, decrease criminal activities, enhance health conditions and improve socio-economic positions¡± (¡°T.L.C. Newsletter 2006¡± p.1).

Similarly, the agency¡¯s philosophy says that:
The Lennard Clinic¡¯s philosophy is based on the belief that drug
dependency is a disorder that is linked to numerous psychological,
sociological, biological and economic factors. Because of this
conviction TLC believes that in order for treatment to be effective
it must be client-centered, comprehensive and address every
identified condition. TLC¡¯s philosophy also recognizes the notion
that drug dependency is a chronic relapsing disorder that may require
multiple episodes of treatment before positive changes occur. TLC¡¯s
philosophy fosters a concept of continuum of care. Using this
approach, TLC strives to provide services in a one-stop shopping
environment. When services cannot be provided on-site, TLC
engages in cooperative agreements with a wide range of community
agencies and institutions. The mission and philosophy drive the
agency to focus on the total individual. (¡°The Philosophy¡± TLC)

At this particular agency the cultural makeup is a variety. There is not one particular culture at this facility. The clientele class is below poverty level 85%, and...

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