The Legend of the Mirror - Short Essay

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  • Published : September 12, 2011
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The Legend of The Mirror
Christine Recio

Along time ago, in a far away land, there’s a princess named Mira. Princess Mira always wanted to be the most beautiful girl in the Kingdom. She always ask her servants to judge her look. Until one night, a girl knocked at the Kingdom, She was wounded and hungry. She ask for help, and all of the servants come to help her. Then Princess Mira heard about the strange girl. Everyone was surprised when the girl takes off her hood. She was lovely as the swan her lips are red like blood she was completely perfect. Princess Mira was very angry. Princess Mira asked Mela,her faithful servant,” Who’s the most beautiful girl in the kingdom?” her servant answered her by choosing the strange girl. Princess Mira almost burst into madness the strange girl. Princess Mira interrupted the servants who are helping her and she kicked her out to the kingdom. Without knowing, the strange girl was a fairy who is testing Princess Mira’s attitude for she will rule the kingdom and the whole city. The Fairy was disappointed about her attitude so she cursed her. “You, Princess Mira of Silamania will be a reflector of everyone. You will be seen at all walls inside and outside the kingdom. Then, Princess Mira fell asleep and next day the servants found her missing in her room. They were surprised when there are Mirrors all over the Kingdom. They decided to broke it and share it to the townsmen, So they throw at the mirrors and give the falling pieces at the townsmen. THE END
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