The Legalization of Marijuana (Ganja)

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  • Published : November 11, 2010
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Seiji Groome
The Legalization of Marijuana (Ganja)
The legalization of Marijuana is a widely debated topic. When the public say "legalizing marijuana" refers to whether or not the public should be allowed to grow, sell, buy or consume marijuana.  Many organizations have been pushing governments to legalize marijuana. For some Marijuana has a greater use in the medical system others think that it may have a greater negative long term effect on the body in areas such as the brain. Either way Marijuana can damage or heal the users, the public or the economy. Firstly, one of the many reasons that the public think Marijuana should be legalized is that it is proven that Marijuana has no greater affect on the human body as tobacco or alcohol, if taken casually in moderate amounts but on the other hand like most things if taken more than the body may be able to handle it can cause harm. Furthermore tobacco and alcohol are both legal and widely used in the world, if the uses of these legal drugs are as harmful as marijuana what makes them so different? Shouldn’t they also be banned or limited? Next many the public think that the use of drugs in general is wrong, because religious regulations prohibit the use of intoxicating substances. Therefore legalizing marijuana would be like legalizing something that breaks these regulations. Crime and violence has increased due to the illegal selling and purchasing of marijuana. The public think that legalizing it may end or certainly lower the need such criminal behavior. Drug related disputes will come to an end and drug gangs would lose their importance helping police concentrate more on serious crimes. Indirect smoking would affect the public as it is harmful and secondhand smoke from the marijuana users increases the chances of others suffering the damage by inhaling the smoke if in an area of smokers. Subsequently Marijuana is believed to be seen way in that may lead the public to do harder drugs such as heroin, cocaine...
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