The Legalization of Abortion: an Advantage Taken for Granted

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  • Published : June 9, 2006
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When you love someone so much, do you follow your feelings or do you let the rules get in your way? If you were given a choice between following what you believe in and just following the rules, what would you pick? The same concept applies with the issue of abortion. Abortion— a procedure that deliberately removes a fetus in a woman's womb— has been a major issue tackled by numerous countries and worldwide society. It is a process of taking away a child before it is able to live in the outside world. Through the years, it has been a debatable topic being talked about by various sectors and individuals, even here in the Philippines. It is very controversial because of the valid reasons on both sides; either you are pro-choice wherein you believe that women should have human rights to conduct an abortion or pro-life where you value the life of the child. However, the Filipino people do not realize the beneficial effect that it may bring. Legalizing abortion here in the Philippines would be more essential or advantageous in terms of women's rights, safety, and its contribution to our economic development. The process of aborting a child into a mother's womb has been around for a long time already. One of the most controversial cases today related to abortion was the Roe v. Wade court hearing in the United States opened in 1971 and decided in 1973 . This case led to the legalization of abortion in their country because of the women conducting their abortions illegally. Today, fifty-four countries or 61% of the world's population have legalized abortion while ninety-seven countries or 39% of the world's population does not allow abortion . Because of the increasing deaths of women due to the unhygienic ways of conducting an illegal abortion, countries like the United States are convinced to finally make this procedure legal and make freedom of choice prevail over the bearing of an unwanted child. Today in our country, abortion is still not legal according to our...
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