The Legalization for Marijuana

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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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Argumentative paper
April 24, 2011
The Legalization for Marijuana
Weed. Pot. Dope. Cannabis. Grass. Marijuana. For years there has been a negative stigma attached to this plant, but that's exactly what it is, a plant, an herb that grows in the ground, and it is not inherently vile like some people believe. It is the use or misuse of it that is good or bad, not the plant itself. Look past all the pandemonium and or dangers of marijuana and see that it actually has legitimate medical uses. The legalization of marijuana in all 50 states would prove beneficial both to the elderly, many of whom are suffering with illnesses that cause extreme pain, and to cancer patients, whose appetites and quality of life would increase with legal marijuana use.

Everyone has their personal views and circumstances on the hot topic for the legalization of marijuana. Certain groups of Americans are more inclined than others to support the legalization of marijuana. The two sides fighting each other are those who are pro- marijuana and those who are anti- marijuana. These two sides have been fighting on this issue for years. Pro marijuana legalization groups argue that marijuana should be legalized in order to treat terminally ill patients. AIDS victims who find that marijuana stimulates their appetites so they can fight off dangerous bacteria; glaucoma sufferers who have used marijuana said it has prevented them from going blind, and cancer patients for severe nausea. Many people, who are anti- marijuana, argue that marijuana shouldn't be legalized. They believe that marijuana shouldn't be legalized because if marijuana is to become legal then thousands more patients will use it not for medical reasons.

Cannabinoids, also known as marijuana, has a remarkable safety record, particularly when compared to other therapeutically active substances. Most significantly, the consumption of marijuana – regardless of quantity or potency -- cannot induce a fatal...
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