The Legality of Bingo

Topics: Joseph Estrada, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, President pro tempore of the United States Senate Pages: 2 (1320 words) Published: February 21, 2013
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SUBJECT:The Exclusion of Bingo among Illegal Numbers Games

DATE:26 February 2013

Whether or not Presidential Decree No. 1602, Prescribing Stiffer Penalties on Illegal Gambling, had been superseded by Republic Act No. 9287, An Act Increasing the Penalties of Illegal Numbers Games, which excluded Bingo among illegal numbers games.

R.A. 9287 primarily amends P.D. 1602 which imposes penalty to any person taking part in all forms of illegal gambling by exclusively increasing the penalties on jueteng, masiao, and last two while leaving other enumerated illegal gambling activities with the same degree of penalties. The former is clear; it does not exclude Bingo among illegal numbers games, it only amends P.D. 1602 by increasing the penalties of the same.

GMA News Online,, last visited February 21, 2013: Re-electionist Manila mayor Alfredo Lim on Monday accused the camp of his challenger, former President Joseph "Erap" Estrada, of politicizing the arrest of Vice Mayor Isko Moreno over bingo, supposedly an illegal numbers game. Moreno and five city councilors namely Ernesto Isip Jr., Joel Chua, Ma. Asuncion Fugoso, Yul Servo Nieto, and former councilor Manuel Zarcal were arrested for allegedly running a bingo operation. They were released early Sunday for lack of evidence. Both Estrada and Moreno claimed that Lim ordered the arrest as part of his “dirty tricks” against them. Lim said under Republic Act 9287, or “An Act increasing the penalties for illegal numbers game,” bingo is considered an illegal numbers game. According to the law, illegal numbers game constitute “any form illegal gambling activity which uses numbers or combinations...
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