The Legal Environment of Business

Topics: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Employment, Discrimination Pages: 4 (1378 words) Published: August 31, 2008
Assume that you are the supervisor of an employee who has been accused of sexually harassing a fellow co-worker. What steps would you take to handle the situation? What are the potential legal issues of which you must be cognizant? How would you help your company avoid a potential charge of discrimination (by the employee bringing the internal charge) and/or retaliation (by the individual charged with the alleged violation)?

Harassment of any kind can be down right nasty. The role of a supervisor is twofold. They must protect the well being of the company they represent as well as keep their employees informed and safe. It takes special innate and learned character traits to be an effective supervisor. One important trait I suppose would be the ability to represent three different parties at the same time. The parties being: the company, the staff in which they supervise and self. Let’s take this scenario as a case to study. For the sake of this illustration, I am Ashley. Jamie is hired as a set designer for a major company in L.A. She is a young, educated, spirited and married. One of the things that Ashley liked about Jamie when she hired her was her personal sense of style. The company sends Jamie all over the world to build movie and theater sets, whoever, most of her work is done in the companies L.A. warehouses. Given Jamie’s natural personality, she is always smiling, complementing others on their work as well as their personal appearance. A typical greeting from Jamie would be, “Good morning Gwen. I love your shirt. That color really looks great on you”. Another example would be, “Mr. Thomas, looking sharp”! That’s typical of what she would say to one of the board members. The industry Jamie works in is all about fashion, style and design and she is no exception. She always wears outfits that show she thought about it. Everything about Jamie demands attention in the most unintentional way. She isn’t loud and grandiose. In fact, even though she loves...
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