The Legal and Ethical Issues in Relation to Use of Business

Topics: Business ethics, Ethics, Tesco Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Business ethics (corporate ethics) – This is the concept of moral or ethical problem that take place in businesses that whether it is adequate or not adequate with the business environment.

Data protection Act 1998- this is an Act that protect personal data from being misused. The business should store the information on their databases. Tesco Compare is part of Tesco group; they are responsible for protecting personal information from customers. This information gathered from their customers; Tesco club card and Tesco bank services are the examples of services that Tesco are required obtaining from their customer information. It is important that Tesco should processing and gathering the data fairly, lawfully and for the purpose. This means that they shall only use within the organisation. The information stored by businesses on databases must be:

Obtained fairly and lawfully
Adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the intended use •Accurate and up date
Not kept for longer than necessary
Processed in line with your rights
Subject to procedures to prevent unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction and damage to personal data •Protected from transfer to an area outside the European Economic Area (EEA) unless adequate protection exists for that data in the area Source from the BTEC National level 3 Book 1

Freedom of Information act 2000- This is an Act that give the individuals or organisations with the right to ask for information held by a public authority. The public authority must provide the applicant the information within 20 working days that they requested format. Although the public authority will give their information free of charge to applicant, but if the requested information is go beyond the cost of suitable limit; they will consider whether there are large interest from the public. If there is then they will sent the result to Commissioner’s Office may investigate and then decide whether the information...
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