The Legacy by Virginia Wolf

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THE LEGACY by Virgina Woolf (1882-1941)
PART I. Before the meeting
1. At the beginning of the story Gilbert Clandon was waiting for Sissy Miller to arrive. Who was she and what was the purpose of the meeting? Gilbert Clandon was waiting for Sissy Miller, who was the maid. Gilbert Clandon did the meeting to give to her the pearl brooch, because Angela had left a little gift of some sort for every one of her friends 2. Angela had kept a diary ever since she got married. Had her husband ever read it? Why (not)? Her husband had never read it, because Angela always hid it so he could not read the diary until after his death 3. While Mr. Clandon was waiting, we learn a little bit about the couple's relationship. Was he fond of Angela? Did they get along? The couple got along well, they had shared everything, but in that relationship, she loved him more to him, the husband loved her, but he was more concerned with their work and all they did was give luxuries to her. During the meeting

4. What mood was Miss Miller in during the meeting?
She was terribly distressed, because had death the only person who had discovered all sorts of qualities in her. 5. Angela left her a brooch. Why did Mr. Clandon think this was an 'incongruous gift'? Being Sissy Miller a lower-class woman, Angela could have left some money, something that can make use. What’s more, the pearl brooch does not go together with the clothes of a maid. 6. Miss Miller was in mourning too. Who else had died? When did that person die? Her brother had died too, only a week or two before Angela.

First two volumes
7. Three situations are mentioned in the story that tell us about the couple's relationship. One is about the times when they had dinner out, another is about the first day he was standing for Parliament and the other is about a holiday in Venice. Was the couple in love with each other back then? Angela was in love with Gilbert, but Gilbert was more concerned with their work and all he did was to...
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