The Leaving

Topics: Family, Wife, Marriage Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: May 17, 2013
The leaving
The leaving is about a family in the early 1800 or so, a typical family in the old days but his family did have a lot of problems and to solve some of the problems the mother leaves her home with her twelve year old daughter for about three days to Halifax by train and comes back to the house, her four boys were playing cards and her husband was smoking a cigar and drinking beer he stood up, was really angry and gave her orders to go make him supper and she stood up to him and told him straight in the face that her name is Elisabeth because he had been calling her woman till now, “go fetch me supper woman’’ and do this and that and pretty much treating her like dirt but he slowly stopped treating her that way after he stormed out of the house when his wife told him straight in the face that her name was Elizabeth, after that he changed a little and started treating her with a little more respect and called her by her real name, Elizabeth wanted to change the boys on her household because she knew that if she didn’t act fast it would be too late and the boys would end up treating their wife’s the same way. So she tries to change them one step at a time and Sylvie then realized that they have been treated like dirt till now but then everything gets better after they come home from Halifax, she then later on goes to college and visits home on her term breaks and notices that her brothers and dad has changed a lot and started to view women as human also,

The main reason or theme for this story is that women need to step up and take matters into their own hands if they are treated as dirt they need to change their kids themselves so that they don’t end up treating their wives the same way. And that’s what Elizabeth is doing in this story she is changing Jem one step at a time, she knew that it was an hard task but it has to be done, so she asked him to fetch water for Sylvie and he obeys but she also knew that this was asking a lot because woman...
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