The Least Learning Is Done in the Classrooms.

Topics: Education, Gifted education, Intellectual giftedness Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: June 24, 2010
The least learning is done in the classrooms. Do you agree?

Students spend most their time learning about the syllabus in the classrooms through lessons conducted by teachers or at times, external vendors. However, though most time is spent in classrooms, we question how much learning is effective. Most learning done in classrooms are focus on academic aspect, we must not forget that students need holistic development which is acquired through many other activities outside the classrooms like Co-curriculum activities (CCA), learning journeys, adventure camps and more. Holistic development holds a high importance in student’s character hence i agree that least learning is done in the classrooms.

Schools organize learning journeys for students which foster important learning experience that will link the theoretical with the experiential. This provides students with more insights of the outside world rather than just being cooped in classrooms studying textbooks and notes. For instance, students have the opportunities to go overseas for exchange programmes to experience the education system in the schools of other countries. Some trips are specially catered for students to learn more about a certain subject. For example, schools bring their students to Germany to learn more about geography. Worksheets are also specially designed to supplement the syllabus. At the end of the trip, students would benefit as it helps to better appreciate what they have learnt in the textbooks. Clearly, learning journeys injects life and meaning to the learning so that it becomes real and concrete.

Co-curriculum activities (CCA) cultivate skills, social and emotional competencies in students. In classrooms, students spend time paying attention to lessons and doing their work. There are insufficient opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills, characters and non-academic talents. For example, students who are in the council are provided with important tasks...
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