The Learning Method

Topics: Learning, Knowledge, Play Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: April 12, 2011
A Learning Process: In More Than One Way

The VARK questionnaire defined my learning style as multimodal. Multimodal means that one utilizes multiple modes to learn and interact with others. The modes that I make use of the most are aural (hearing), reading and writing, and kinesthetic.

As an aural learner you will benefit the most by attending classes and participating in discussions. You will involve yourself in dialogues with others while attempting to explain and understand the ideas presented. You will be apt at remembering stories and jokes that were told to orally. I remember when I was a child and probed my grandparents about their education. Their responses were always that they did not have schooling and most of what they learned was through storytelling and songs. My first thoughts were about the possibilities of being able to learn in such ways. I now realize aural learning is not only possible but an effective method. For example, I had to learn how to generate several reports for my superiors that detailed daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and month-end target numbers. Although I was provided with an easy to follow manual that listed each step, the mock reports I generated were not correct. The following day I met with my co-worker Ikela, who was responsible for generating the reports, and discussed the errors that I was encountering. Our discussion revealed that I was not entering the previous weeks numbers in its corresponding line and was the cause of the erroneous numbers. Afterwards, I was generating the reports without any errors.

Another method of learning is the process of reading and writing. For some students, these are daunting tasks. For the others, we...
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