The Learning Environment in the University of the Philippines College of Architecture

Topics: Rooms, Blue, Light Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: June 26, 2011
The Learning Environment in the University of the Philippines College of Architecture

This essay talks about the environmental learning atmosphere of University of the Philippines College of Architecture depicting the school’s structure from its site topography up to its small details, with a thorough and precise description of its recent status of the exampled model building. The University of the Philippines College of Architecture has a significant environment of learning as the atmosphere of the site is quite pleasant, orderly and green enough as I went to see its recent status from the outside of the building. The building’s site has a good landscape with flowers and a few tiled and cemented flooring going to the building. But its building has a lot of things to be improved as I get an ocular visit and take up photos on some of the parts of the structure starting from its façade up to its rooms. The UP AR College building is a one storey square plan building and has a typical ordinary house like building as seen on its façade with an irregular form of an upward extruded oval and rectangular shape on the plan with the oval painted in yellow and the rectangular filled with clay bricks and the main entrance has this broken and rusted fiberglass with steel support cantilevered roof with installed three pin lights. The building’s enclosed windows have this thin and wavy light glazers colored with pale blue, green and flesh. The building’s roof is made up of corrugated galvanized iron sheet painted in white. There is a black steel gate and a direct security post right on the entrance of the building to secure and monitor the people that come in and out of the building. Flooring of the building’s corridor is tiled by maroon ceramic. Walls on the corridor are painted in white and they have provided a designated area where they can post according to content and with color code for the exhibition of the board works of the student, AR department’s note and...
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