The Learner as an Embodied Spirit

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The Learner Is An Embodied Spirit

The apple of the eye in the teaching-learning process is the learner. All the methods and strategies used by the teacher are geared towards the interests and differences of the learners. This is in assumption that the learner is a union of sentient body and a rational soul. He has possessed qualities of an individual with unique characteristics. The teacher, therefore, must apply a humane form of approach considering that whatever his/her strategies will be will greatly affect the learner.

As an embodied spirit, the learner is equipped with cognitive and appetitive faculties. These faculties define the learner of his needs and interests. It is then the responsibility of the teacher to meet and satisfy those needs with care and accuracy. If the learner is interested in aspects that are beyond the comprehension of the teacher, it will then become a challenge for the teacher on how to accommodate and satisfy the learner. The teacher then should find ways to accommodate it. As an appetitive-laden individual, the learner should also be nourished with ideas and insights that suits to his appetite in learning and how s/he feels about it. The teacher as a guidance councilor, should facilitate circumstances that needs emotional and personal guidance so as to give the learners what they needed for.

While learners are equipped with the cognitive and appetitive faculties they differ, however, in the degree as to which they are utilized and expressed. They may differ in their abilities, aptitudes, interests, values and attitudes.

The learners have the ability to learn. They are capable of expressing themselves what they’ve got. The abilities may vary on the length or span of time that which learning is achieved. It’s because learner’s vary on their leaning levels.
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