The Law with Teens and Nude Photos.

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  • Published : November 27, 2012
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Composition 101
October 18, 2012
In Dahlia Lithwick’s article “Teens, Nude Photos and the Law”, she talks about how teen boys and girls are sending nude pictures to their boyfriends or girlfriends. They use their mobile devices like cell phones, ipod, computers and their cameras to send their nude image. She then addresses the consequences of the nude photo that the teenager has received. The teenager that received the photo can be charged with a felony of child pornography. The author then discusses why the teenager should not be treated harshly. She states that many of the teenagers are still immature and they don’t know the consequences of sending nude photos to each other.

In her article she argues that the criminal justice system is taking it too far in charging the teenagers as child pornographers. I agree with the author because there is a real problem with criminalizing sexting as a form of child pornography. The teenagers caught with the photo will be charged with child pornography. Child pornography is a serious offence and can stay forever on your lifetime record and mess up your life. The majorities of the teenagers that are charged with the crime are not even predators, but a picture like has big consequences if it’s ever to get out on the internet.

In my first argument, Dahlia Lithwick states that the teenagers are being punished to harshly. (Lithwick 492) She is right the charges against them are too severe. They can stay on their record for a long time or even forever. If the teenager would go look for a job and they were to pull up his records and they find that he has a child pornography offence, they won’t want to hire him. Who would want to hire a person who takes images of kids? It is a serious offence too people all over the world, but its a big charge just for a teen. Especially if that teen is a boy and receives a random photo on his cell phone and it’s a nude photo of his girlfriend and she is drunk. It’s not his fault that she is...
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