The Law: Student Register Time Tickets are Ranked From Early to Later Based on the Credits Hour Student Get

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  • Published : April 4, 2012
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The law: Student register time tickets are ranked from early to later based on the credits hour student get.

Survey Questions:
1. How do you feel if your register time ticket is really late, when you finally able to register and you find out that those classes you want to enroll in were already closed, and it’s difficult for you to find out a class which is still open and you are qualified to enroll in? 1 (I don’t care, it doesn’t matter at all.)

2 (All right, I think I can keep going back to check, maybe someone will drop that class and then I can enroll in.) 3 (Even not happy with the result, but I will take other classes instead.) 4 (Angry)

2. If there is a waiting list option for you when the class is closed and you still hope to enroll in, do you think this would be good and practicable? If yes, give your suggestions or opinions on how this method would be better. If no, explain the reason. (Waiting list option means your name will be on the list, and if someone drop the class, and you will be enrolled in automatically.) Yes

(Suggestion: )

(Reason: )

3. If more than one student are on the waiting list, who do you think should have the priority? Rank them in an order from most priority to least. a) A senior who only need this class to fulfill the graduate requirement b) A none-senior student who majors in XXX, and this class is his major requirement class c) A upper-class students who just take this class as an open elective class d) A freshman who wants to take this class because the professor is nice and not that strict to students.
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