The Law of Attraction

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Everything in the universe follows certain laws. The laws of nature do not apply only to earth. Our entire universe follows the same laws. These laws never change. Your coffee on a counter will always become cool. Gravity remains steady never random. The speed of light remains constant. The earth rotates in 24 hours. The laws of physics is a pattern that nature obeys without exception. It is important to understand that all matter is energy. Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions also follow certain laws. Many people are not aware that every thought we think and every emotion we feel has a measurable frequency. We humans are a part of nature. The human body, mind, thought, emotions and feelings are also governed by certain laws. Now, just because we are not able to see thoughts and emotions does not mean that they do not affect the world around us. You cannot see electricity, but it helps people worldwide and no one seems to understand it. You cannot see gravity but that does not mean that gravity does not exist. Through visualization, meditation, and affirmations we can attain any goal we set out for ourselves. As humans we have the power to change our reality simply by changing our thoughts and what we focus on.

What you focus on and put energy in expands. Visualization can help you to have greater focus, it can inspire you, and it can help build self confidence. With all of this it becomes easier for you to achieve your goals, not to mention you are seeing yourself accomplish these goals in your mind’s eye so your mind starts to believe you can accomplish these goals and starts the process towards those goals. Most people are not aware of this but it is important to understand that our earth is conscious, the same way as every cell in our body is conscious. Every cell and organ in our bodies perform their tasks without any of our voluntary behaviour. It is important to choose your thoughts wisely because the earth and the universe is...
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