The Law of Attraction

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Topic: The Law of Attraction
"People who ask the universe for money or career success using the principles of the 'law of attraction' are more likely to receive money and career success.”
The law of attraction is about what you put into the universe. The law of attraction is a thought process, what you think is sent out into the universe. The universe will then receive your thoughts and then you should receive what you have asked back from the universe. Many people believe the law of attraction to be true. The law of attraction is said to be a new age belief which has been published into many books including the Bible "Therefore I say unto you, what things so ever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." Mark xi. 24. The law of attraction has since been made into a movie called “The Secret“. (The Bible Mark xi. 24.)

Expert author Louise Hay:
Acclaimed author Louise Hay is an author of several self-help books, she is best known for her book called “You can heal your self,” based upon the law of attraction. Louise Hay says, "The law of attraction is that our thinking creates and brings to us whatever we think about," she says. "It's as though every time we think a thought, every time we speak a word, the universe is listening and responding to us." (

Louise Hay position has maintained as an accomplished author of many self-help books. She began her education in to the law of attraction by documenting her work as a counselor at the church of religious science as she was training to become a minister. Hay’s began focusing on the power of positive thinking through her counseling; she later published a booked called Heal Your Body. Hay’s soon experienced the law of attraction for her self as she found out that she was diagnosed with cancer. She began using the law of attraction. Her own natural visualizations and affirmations to heal herself, she may have had a bias opinion of the law of attraction as she soon found she no longer had cancer. She believed you could change your own life though your own thought process. Hay’s later accomplished her own publishing company, Hay House. The company focused on self-help through means of positive thinking. She has also founded two foundations. Hay Foundation and the Louise L. Hay Charitable Fund, which both support individuals in need as well as those coping with AIDS. (

I believe Louise Hay is seems like a reliable source for information on the topic of the law of attraction. Not only has she worked with many people and has published a book on the topic; she has her own personal testimony to contribute. However, I do not believe Louise Hay to be credible as she is bias when it comes to her testimony. She is also bias as it is her book and her work with in her own congregation where she gets her information. Observer testimony Lynda:

Lynda from Alberta Canada gives her testimony regarding the law of attraction. “A very dear friend of mine gifted me with The Secret book. I do not read much and he did not go on about it, just left it with me to read in my own time. As I began to read, I became more aware of my thoughts and of the way I wanted to feel. I began feeling much happier and more peaceful. I began using it with smaller things. One night when a car with a booming stereo parked in front of my house, I changed my annoyance to thoughts of peace and quiet - I deserve peace and quiet, I will have peace and quiet - and a minute later, the music got quieter and the car left.” (

Lynda’s testimonial cannot provide evidence for the law of attraction, as I cannot understand the conditions in which Lynda made her observation as well as having no known background of Lynda.
I believe this testimony gives an idea of the law of attraction however; it is not...
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