The Latino Vote

Topics: United States, Barack Obama, Democratic Party Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Every four years, Americans from across the country cast a vote in hopes to elect either a Republican or a Democrat to become, or continue being, President of the United States of America. Each candidate attempts to earn as many votes as possible from a diverse range of groups. In the upcoming election, President Barack Obama is said to maintain the majority of Latino votes, however, a question currently being asked is if the president can keep the Latino votes. Although it is important to have the Latinos vote, other groups can make an impact on the election as well. A popular topic among presidential candidates is the legalization of gay marriage. Homosexuals are one group that can make a difference in votes being received for a president. Not only will homosexuals vote for the candidate that supports their rights, people who are not attracted to the same sex but also want gay marriage legalized will also vote toward the legalization of gay marriage. Another group, and probably one of the largest, that can make or break the election of a candidate are women. Women have fought for equal rights for years and still are today. A presidential candidate that endorses women’s rights will have a large portion of votes across the country just from the women. More elderly people across the nation vote than any other age group in America. Candidates that try to appeal to the elderly can increase their chance of winning by a significant amount. If the elderly people do not receive attention from presidential candidates, a large portion of voting percentage would be lost. Presidential candidates from both the Republican and Democrat Party’s must try to win votes from every possible group within the United States. Homosexuals, women, and elderly people are three groups that hold a large portion of America’s population. The biggest challenge is staying within the party’s platform.
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