The Lasting Impresion of Reality Tv and Its Lack of Moral

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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Reality television has been around far longer than many give it credit. Many viewers forget about the very first reality television shows such as Big Brother, Survivor, and non-trashy versions of The Bachelor that displayed things such as alliance, friendship, and character development through the praises of its audience. Although newer shows have been accused of growing "trashier"; I feel that this change is actually only in response to the demand of its audience. Show popularity drops when the message they portray becomes "unhip", or "uncool". So in order to keep up ratings shows were forced to show what people wanted to see. As our country has slowly let go of morals and standards, its people have been forced to adapt. Reality television has been forced to diminish all possibilities for ever being labeled as "moral". It has taken a direction for the worse and shows today lack little meaning or value. In its most current state, television shows force its younger viewers to grow up faster, making younger and younger kids do adult things. These reality shows exemplify things such as sex, drugs, violence, and self-harm. Television producers these days simply have no problem exposing the youth to this rubbish. In fact, the producers are specifically targeting the youth with their unmoral and controversial shows. They often reward the rebel characters with extra TV time or book them for another reality show, while the moral and respectable characters are made out to be boring and hardly ever get rewarded. America keeps asking what is making each generation less and less moral, but they fail to recognize what kinds of examples are being set. Children have not become more influential, they simply have been influenced by worse things. In the past few years, there has been a major change to reality television that diminishes its moral teaching reputation. From music videos of half naked women to reality shows full of betrayal, lies, and more vulgar than most can handle,...
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