The Last Spin by Evan Hunter

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The Last Spin by Evan Hunter
Short Story Analysis
How does the author position the reader towards the major theme using the narrative elements? Gangs affect everyone lives especially the people in the gang because other members make you do things that you don’t want to do or that is dangerous towards you or yourself. ‘The Last Spin’ by Evan Hunter is a short story about two boys from opposite gangs that were forced to settle an argument over territory. They did this by playing an extremely dangerous game (Russian roulette). What they didn’t expect though was that they would become closer by having conversations in between shots and finding things that they have in common. They don’t realise this for long however because there was a sudden end to one of their lives. I’ll be analysing how the reader is position by using the narrative elements. The setting for this short story is in the early 1960’s when gangs were common in America. Gangs were usually identified by the colour of their jackets (Dave wore a blue and gold jacket, and Tigo wore a green and orange one) and each had their own territory which the other was not allowed to cross into. When one gang would venture into another gangs territory the night before it would be decided how one member from each gang would settle the score. The author has placed Dave and Tigo in an enclosed basement to play the game; this creates a powerful and intense environment for the reader. The boys also try not to show any sign of fear because if they do it would make them feel incapable and powerless in the game.

“’We going to sit and talk all night, or we going to get this thing rolling’ Dave asked”

This quote shows that Dave is showing no sign of dread to Tigo, so that he looks and feels aggressive. The last spin gave descriptions of the two main and only characters in the story, which were Dave and Tigo. Tigo has large brown eyes and thick black hair. He also wears his gang’s jacket which is a green silk...
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