The Last Song (Paired Text Essay)

Topics: Love, Nicholas Sparks, Father Pages: 4 (1416 words) Published: October 15, 2012
The Last Song (novel) written by Nicholas Sparks and Dear John (movie) Directed by Lasse hallstrom are both exhilarating love stories, but like most movies and books they both end with a twist. Together the book and the movie express deep feelings of love and sadness. These two feelings are portrayed throughout in ways of relationships developing and people passing. The two texts engage an adolescent girl and boy.

Ronnie a young rebellious adolescent girl and her brother go to their father’s house for the summer. Ronnie has little idea as to what her father is going through at this time but due to the the divorce of her parents a long time ago, she is still blaming her father for the destruction of their family. Savannah is the opposite to Ronnie she is more of an artistic helpful caring young women who only wants the best for people. Savannah is always trying to accomplish things for people to help the disadvantaged.

Both Ronnie and Savannah find themselves in love. The stories of these two texts are completely different but bring the same feelings to the viewer/reader.

When Ronnie finds herself stuck at her fathers with no choice, she realises that she has to enjoy the time she has to spend with him and that she needs to open up to new things and people. When she goes for a walk along the beach and discovers a turtle nest that has been abandoned she calls the local wildlife agency and stays out there all night to protect the turtles. When the wildlife protection agency sends a worker down in the morning to rescue the turtles Ronnie finds herself awoken and shocked by a young good-looking adolescent boy named Will ready to help with the animals. She soon after finds herself in love with Will as he teaches Ronnie that people can actually love you for who you are. When the turtles hatch a few days later Ronnie, Will Steve and Jonah help them to go to the water and swim away, Steve decides to go and get a light to help guide the way when Ronnie notices...
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