The Last Song

Topics: Mother, Father, Blaze and Satanus Pages: 4 (1468 words) Published: October 30, 2011
The Last Song
“The pieces all fit together. Yet everything was falling apart” (Sparks 366). Ronnie is being forced to stay with her father hundreds of miles from her of in New York. She has to learn to get along with her dad after three years of not talking to him because of her myopic views. After they get close he father reveals news to her that will change her entire outlook on life. There are many sides to Ronnie that readers can relate to, she’s rebellious, protecting, kind, confronting, and guarded.

Ronnie’s mom was driving her and her brother, Jonah, down to North Carolina to spend the summer with their dad. Ronnie had not spoken to her father since he left her mother three years ago, so when they arrived to his house on the beach she stormed off without saying anything to either of her parents. After some small talk her parents start talking about her. “She ignores her curfew, and half the time I can’t get more that a ‘Whatever’ when I try to talk to her” (Sparks 23). While in New York, where she lives with her mother, Ronnie is very independent and does whatever she wants. She does not come home when her mother tells her she needs to be home. She went to clubs where there was drinking and drugs, but Ronnie never felt the need to gravitate toward the toxic substances. Though her mother didn’t agree with Ronnie’s actions, she had never called the authorities to go pick her up and bring her home. And even now her father hadn’t asked the officer to escort her home, but when Officer Pete told her that he was taking her home she refused. “I’m taking you home,” he’d said, making it sound as if she were eight years old. “No thanks,” she responded. “Then I’ll have to arrest you on vagrancy charges, and have your dad bring you home” (Sparks 67). She was so mad that when she got home she accused her dad of telling the officer to bring her home, which was much the opposite he had asked him not to escort her home.

One day Ronnie was walking along the beach...
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