The Last Shot Essay

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  • Published : November 28, 2010
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The Last Shot Essay

We read about how everyday people achieve great and inspiring things when they are challenged and guided by people who believe in them. In thinking about all the famous sports athletes in today’s society, we only think of who they are now, not how they have gotten there. People who have come from nothing are people we don’t expect to be in the front page of magazines. We see an example of this in “The Last Shot”, a story about Mildred, a girl who came from nothing and who nobody heard of can beat the odds and make a name for herself with the right dedication and the right loved ones who are willing to take a chance on her and to guide her in the right path.

When we move out of our comfort zone, we discover new talents that we had not known were there before. It takes outside support for us to truly see what our best or our limit really is. Mildred shows that when we finally fits in with the new life in Oregon and that there is something that she can do besides work on a farm. “. . . .She hit 94 out of 100 shots. Elgin shook his head and smiled. Then he got her to shoot 100 jump shots around the perimeter. . . .all the way to the far right of the basket, and fired another 100 shots. She hit 84. (252)” The smallest opportunities’ can make you rethink the direction you are willing to go to become more than a girl from a small town. In moving out of her comfort zone more people were wiling to take a chance and a girl from a farm. “. . . .But the coach new Elgin alright . . .She got a proper hearing. . Then a tryout with girls from the team. It took 20 minutes. “See what I mean?” Elgin said to the coach. The coach was staring with his mouth open. “How come I never heard of this girl before? You say she came from Grants pass?” “Does it matter?” Elgin said. “She’s here, now.”. . .(255)” When the right opportunities are set forth, we reach out of a place that we have come to be use to. We set aside the “ifs” and are determined to...
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