The Last of the Mohicans

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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The Last of The Mohicans
Relations between the Native Americans and Europeans were quickly made during the French and Indian War in 1757. Alliances were common throughout this time period to obtain necessary resources such as food, protection, and peace. The French became allies with several Native American tribes, in order to fight off the British colonists. The British made some alliances with Native American tribes, but they had fewer alliances than the French had. Without these alliances there would have been an all out fight between the British, French, and numerous tribes. The Last of the Mohicans took place near upstate New York. The Alliances that took place in the book and movie were the British with the Mohicans, while the French allied with the Huron. Conflicts arose on the frontier due to the greed of territories between France and Great Britain. Native Americans were also in the fight over the territories because they did not want the white men stealing and civilizing the homelands. `The movie showed the brutality on the frontier. For example, the Huron war parties swept through the frontier raiding and savaging the innocent colonists. Nathaniel Hawkeye’s family became victims of the Huron war party during the beginning of the film. Not only did the colonists suffer from the brute force of the Natives retaliations, but the Natives became victimized also. Magua, the Huron scout for the French, had experienced violent acts by the British and Mohican forces. The British army led by Colonel Munro and the Mohicans attacked his village killing his children and leaving his wife alone, who thought her husband died so she remarried. Once Magua knew that it was Colonel Munro and the Mohicans he became enraged and dedicated his life to wipe out every Mohican and kill Munro’s last family seed. Deceiving and lying was portrayed in the movie and book. For example, Magua was leading the British to their fort but he tricked them by setting them up to be attacked by...
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