The Last Lecture

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  • Published : October 18, 2011
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If you got the chance to pick what your lasts words on this world would be, what would you say? Would you focus on dying or how you spent your life? Many professors around the world are asked to take on this task of composing and delivering a “last lecture”. This lecture would be giving to students at colleges expressing what your lasts thought would be if these were to be your last moments on this world. In Randy Paunch's LAST LECTURE it was a little different. He got asked to prepare this last lecture but in his case it really would be one of the last things he would say to thousands in this world.

Randy Pausch had a wife, three small children and the job of his dreams. Everything seemed to be going perfectly, but then he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The cancer eventually got worse and the diagnosis was terminal since it became close to a dozen tumors. When Randy decided to give his lecture he didn't want it to be on him dying or on how his life went but on how to achieve childhood dreams. One part of the lecture was on “how to live your life” and what”worked for him”; adding so many principles Randy gave examples on how this things reflected his life. He mentioned things like “all you have to do is ask”, “show gratitude” and “ no job is beneath you” Hidden inside many of the principles that Randy mentioned are two that are especially working for me today.

One thing that Randy thought was important was “don’t obsess over what people think”. Being a 17 year old senior at a local high school this also is a very important principle in my life. The society we live in today enables us to live in a world filled with stereo types and ways things “should be done” .
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