The Last Lecture

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  • Published : October 5, 2008
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In the book The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, there were many lessons of wisdom and words to live by. Randy Pausch decided to write a book about himself, and his last lecture because he was dying soon. Randy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and even after multiple treatments of the hardest chemo and radiation therapy, ten tumors managed to move onto his liver, giving him only three to five months to live. After finding this out, Randy battles with the cancer and how to prepare his children’s lives with him not being around. He tends to his wife and makes sure that they will be in the best possible situation when he leaves so they can be taken care of when he’s gone. Throughout the story, Randy gives lesson of how to live your life, and memories of his own, so you gain a sense of how wise Randy truly was.

Randy’s book inspired me to follow my dreams, and that you can make the best out of anything. This book truly does offer wisdom about the importance and meaning of life. Randy tells how he lived his life and made the most of it, and tells everyone how they can be just as successful as he was. He hints on the true meaning of life by saying how unimportant the little things are, and that you should appreciate every moment you have, because you don’t know when it will be your last. Randy told a story of when he was in the grocery store that really was an eye opener for me. He was checking out in the grocery store and found out that they had overcharged him by $16.71. He then went on to explain how he could have made a big deal to get his money back, or just let it pass because there are more important things to do then waste his time over a $16 difference.

Randy taught many lessons throughout his book to show the meaning of life and how it should be valued. He told about the times he had gone through, and how he was raised and came to be the person he was today. He told millions everywhere that life is such a precious thing and that you should live it out...
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