The Last Leaf

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  • Published : August 26, 2011
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The story is set in the studio apartment of two young, female painters who live together, in Greenwhich village, America, a place which was made famous by a painter who used motifs from this place. It is a popular place for young artists, because of the low rent on the apartments, and nice atmosphere. Outside, there is a storm, and one of the girls, Johnsy, is very ill, and bedridden. She thinks she isgoing to die when the last leaf on the ivy vine outside her window falls. The doctor gives her smallchances of survival. Her roomate, Sue, prevents her from continuing to count leaves that night. Shegoes to get an old man called Behrman. The next day, there is still an ivy leaf outside the window.Johnsy realises she is being stupid, waiting to die like that, when the leaf does not fall, and starts toget better. The same day Johnsy gets better, Behrman dies. We discover that the last leaf on the ivyplant was painted onto the window by Behrman. Sue is the main character of this story, she is a young painter in Greenwhich Village, and shares anapartment with Johnsy, whom she met earlier that year, in May. She is very fond of Johnsy, and is quite distressed when she hears of her fancy: That she will die as the last leaf falls off the ivy plant outside. Sue is quite a quick thinker, and finds a solution to the problem very quickly,althoughperhaps she does not think too far ahead – at least if she was the one who talked Behrman into going out into the terrible weather – she should have known he could get sick. Johnsy, or Johanna, is, although not the main character, perhaps the most important character. The conflict revolves around her, and none of the story would have happened if she was not there, hadnot caught pneumonia, and not been delerious with fever. She believes that when the last leaf on the ivy vine outside her window falls off, she will die, and she wants to die. Sue tells the doctor that Johnsy has always wanted to one day paint the Bay of Naples, and later,...
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