The Last Leaf

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  • Published : October 16, 2012
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Daniel Falk
Dan Colson
English 101: section M
September 30, 2012
Free wright over the last leaf
The last leaf by O henry is a story work that is primarily about two artist that live in an art colony that live together and one falls ill with pneumonia. The disease ravages her and is close to taking her life so she builds a time line for her death of the falling of the leaves and says when the last one falls I shall die. Then when there was only one leaf left a horrible storm blew in but in the morning the leaf was still there then main character started to make a recovery. At the end of the story you find out that the drunk that lived downstairs had gone out in the night to paint one leaf on so it would appear as it had not fallen. This act sadly takes his life. The three main observations I am working with are that a man who hates weakness goes out to paint this leaf on for her, that Johnsy and Sue’s relationship is very close for them just being roommates and that the story has a very negative tone. The story describes the artist that lives beneath them, Behrman, as an old drunk who had never found success and hated weakness though he goes out in the middle of a storm to paint a leaf for Johnsy. This self-sacrifice is an interesting point why would he do such a thing earlier in the story he laughed at the idea of counting the leaves. The story does foreshadow him painting the leaf in that he is always talking about the masterpiece he is going to paint and how he is a protector of the two young women that live above him. Now the inference that can be taken from his actions is that he had touched no one with his art he had no true masterpieces. By painting the last leaf he insured that johnsy would be affected by his art even only to get her through her illness. He paints a leaf in the pouring rain just for her and so she would pull through. She realized her foolishness when the leaf had staid and made a complete turnaround. The work done by Behrman saved...
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