The Last Days of Socrates

Topics: Plato, Socrates, Athenian democracy Pages: 3 (1006 words) Published: November 18, 2010

The topic of this paper will be over the book “The Last Days of Socrates”. The author of the book is Plato. Plato was born in Athens his father was named Ariston and his mothers name was Perictione. Plato became a pupil of Socrates when he was young. Plato attended his trial but he did not attend the execution of Socrates.( The story describes how Socrates is being taken to trial for being accused of putting “wrong” thoughts into the minds of young men. Socrates goes to trial and explains himself and why he is innocent and why people may get these false ideas.

The first topic that stood out to me in the Last Days of Socrates is Religion. The entire beginning of the story consists of a conversation with Euthyphro who is prosecuting his father for letting one of his servants die. Socrates proves that he is wiser in the matter by testing his wisdom. Euthyphro states that he is the wisest in the matter of religion and says that Holiness is prosecuting a criminal no matter who he may be. In the legal system today if someone killed another person they would automatically be prosecuted. It would not matter if that person killed someone for a moral reason or not. The story takes place in about 399 B.C. and in these times religion is put before the law. When Socrates requests a definition of what is “holy” Euthyphro explains to him that what is deemed acceptable to all of the gods is what is “holy”. Euthyphro says that he plans to explain to the court that his father took another mans life without waiting for the messenger to be back with the interpreters decision and how that is unholy because it would not be approved by all of the gods. This proves my statement before that religion is the law.

When Socrates is found guilty he is condemned to death by the Athenian citizens. I was dismayed to find that Socrates was guilty after pleading his case. In his plea he explains that he does believe in the gods and that it is true that he believes in...
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