The Last Castle

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The Last Castle
August 18, 2011

The Last Castle
The Last Castle is about a three star General, who is sentenced to ten years in a military prison for disobeying direct orders and getting his men killed in a mission. Once he gets to the prison, he meets the warden Colonel Winter who is not only in charge of the prison, but who highly admires the General. While in prison, Irwin is approached by some of the inmates who want to use his status and connections to get the Colonel fired from his position because of his harsh treatment of the prisoners. He chooses to go his own way at first, but after seeing firsthand the brutal treatment the Colonel imposes, he has a change of heart. He uses his skill as a leader, devises a plan, and gets the support of the fellow inmates to take over the facility. During the plan of attack the true colors of Colonel Winter come to light, and General Irwin gains the support of everyone, including the guards, to overcome Colonel Winters dictatorship at the prison.

In the opening scene of the movie, the narrator explains the three parts to a castle as different shots of the prison are shown. The warden, Colonel Winter and his assistant discuss the arrival of a category A transfer. Once they find out who it is, the warden talks highly of the incoming prisoner and how he shouldn’t be arriving at their facility. As General Irwin arrives, some of the inmates place a bet on how long it will take until he commits suicide. Once he is processed into the prison, he is immediately sent to the warden’s office. Colonel Winter describes how things run, explains the rules of no saluting, and asks Irwin what he hopes to gain while imprisoned. Before Irwin leaves, the warden asks him to sign his copy of the book the General wrote. He leaves the room to get the book and his assistant shows Irwin the warden’s collection of wartime artifacts. As the warden is entering the room, Irwin points out that this is a collection of a man who has never step foot on the battlefield. Colonel Winter hears this and throws the book on a shelf. From that point on, the warden has a grudge against Irwin.

Some of the men decide to approach Irwin in the chow hall to convince him to use his military status and connections at the Pentagon to get the warden fired. They tell him of the harsh treatment and the “accidents” that have occurred which resulted in lost lives of fellow inmates. Irwin shuts them down and tells them that he is here to serve his time and get out so he can spend time with his daughter and grandchild whom he has never met.

While sitting in the yard, a fellow inmate by the name of Aguilar approaches him and salutes him. Irwin shuts him down and tells him not to salute, but Aguilar doesn’t put his hand down until Irwin salutes him back. As Irwin tells Aguilar the history and meaning behind the salute, Colonel Winter watches from his office and tells his assistant to punish Aguilar for not following the rules of no saluting fellow inmates. Aguilar is sentenced to a punishment of saluting in the rain. When the day’s final horn sounds, Aguilar goes to leave and is stopped by the assistant. Irwin steps in and stops the guard from hitting Aguilar. He is beaten for touching a guard and later placed in the hole, which is a dark cell in the yard.

Once he gets out of the hole, he is told to move the heavy stones in the yard from one side to the other. Even though he has inmates yelling for him to quit he continues on moving stones. After he has moved all the stones, he is told by the assistant to keep moving stones until the chow hall horn blows. By the time his punishment is over, he has most of the inmates cheering along as encouragement.

The next day in the yard, Irwin talks with a fellow inmate and explains to him that the wall of stones he is building is not for the warden, but for all of the inmates in the prison. He tells him the three important things to a...
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