The Language of Abortion

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  • Published: January 31, 2013
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Date:| Source:| What words and terms are used to support the pro-life movement and to what extent do they construct a negative image on abortion?| What words and terms are used to support the pro-choice movement and to what extent do they construct a more acceptable feeling towards abortion?| Between the language supporting pro-life and the language supporting pro-choice, which is more effective in manipulating pregnant women and their partners for/against abortion?| 13/04/11| ‘The Power of Regret’ written by Sydna A. Massé| “We can use the power of their unspoken regret to help them consider a choice for life.” -Sydna A. Masse| | | 5/5/11|| “Despite the hatred flowing out of your mouths, they have their abortion anyway.”- John Jansen“Women will literally do anything to get that out of their bodies...They will stick coat hangers inside themselves, hoping.” -John Jansen| | | 5/5/11| Canadian Medical Association Journal.Issue May 13, 2003“Psychological implications of abortion - highly charged and rife with misleading research”-Brenda Major| | “terminate”“unwanted pregnancies”| | 5/5/11| Canadian Medical Association JournalIssue July 22, 2003Annie D. BannoDavid C. Reardon| “Abortion is a severe risk factor for substantial emotional and physical trauma”“Mentally disturbed women are more likely to choose abortion.” “Direct cause of post-traumatic stress.| | | 27/4/11| The British Journal of Psychiatry 2008.David M. Fergusson, L. John Horwood and Joseph M. Boden| “depression, anxiety, substance use and suicidal behaviour and self-harm. | | | 27/4/11| Abortion Fact SheetALRANZ- Keep Abortion Safe and Legal.October 2010.Unknown Author.| “Medical methods...interrupt an established pregnancy more abortion (medical or surgical) done under medical supervision....antiprogestin, to...
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