The Lamb

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By William Blake
Pablo Huertas
Ms. Charity Lea Givens
ENGL 102-B16 LUO
June 18, 2010

The Humble, The Sovereign…The Saving Lamb
Pablo Huertas

“The Lamb” by William Blake
In the poem “The Lamb”, Blake formulates questions regarding the maker and characteristics of the “Lamb” as the main theme using a symbolic setting and a peaceful mood, and concludes with the assertion that He knows who the “Lamb” is—presenting an imagery of its sovereign attributes. Who might this “Lamb” be? OUTLINE

1.Little Lamb. Origin, beginning.
Were you really created?
Sustain, Feeding
Tender voice, Source of Joy
2.Little Lamb. Assurance of knowledge
Child = Innocence, Pureness
Reason and Purpose
I know you
3.His Name = My name
Humble qualities, Meek and Mild
Who is really The Lamb?
Lamb relationship to God
William Blake is inspired to write this poem in which the central purpose or theme is to identify who the Lamb is and its origins, by formulating a series of questions, and to describe its characteristics and personality by portraying its awesome attributes. The World English Dictionary defines Lamb as: “1. A young, immature sheep, especially under a year old and without permanent teeth; 2. Somebody who is meek, gentle, and mild, especially a baby or a small child; 3. Someone who is easily deceived or cheated; 4. Like a Lamb to the slaughter calmly and without resistance going to face something unpleasant or dangerous.” It is clearly noted by the author’s figurative language that the poem is symbolic and allegoric—having the Lamb’s description a second meaning beneath the surface one, conveying connotations beyond what is expressed, and an ulterior meaning as major interest. “Little Lamb who made thee? Dost thou know who made thee?” The poem appears to be written in a form of Sonnet in a Petrarchan style with two stanzas. The first of eight lines...
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