The Lakehouse - Creative Writing

Topics: Adventure game, Adventure, Adolescence Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: October 10, 2010
The Lakehouse
I remember a majestic time, simple and happier then now. An agenda consisted of eat, play, sleep. Life as a four year old boy was carefree, joyful, eternally having fun. Although my memory may now be faded; one distinctive will always remain planted in my brain. A time of summer holidays spent entirely at my favourite place, which I keep close to my heart; special only to me. Our family’s humble bach, set in the dated lakeside town of Kuratau, is the place tender to me. The place I’ve always known simply as ‘The Lakehouse’. Each simple day flies by in a flurry spent entirely in the sun; naturally no time for television. My entourage of friends and I would inevitably meet for a swim bike ride or any other adventurous tale we care to venture on; our only worry to be back home in time for tea. I vividly remember one day with my companions. It was a blistering hot summer’s day spent entirely by the vast blue pool of the lake. We would bathe on the scorching white sand, of course no sun block in those days, playing trivial games and pondering the colossal, glistening sapphire lake. When our heads would get too hot, we’d shoot-off to the creaky old jetty racing to be the first to explode off the end. Suddenly the chill of the lake would catch us midflight; just as startling each time. We race out of the icy cold lake almost as swiftly as we ran in. Then back to the start of the cycle again. The joyous day of bathing playing and swimming seems to giving our ‘gang‘ never-ending hours of joy. When the day would reluctantly come to a close we’d roast marshmallows by the fire followed by an adventurous game of spotlight in the sea of trees that is my backyard. Yes, the typical Lakehouse day will remain cemented in my mind as a true highlight of my childhood. As we return there now, the same gang and I, nothing much has changed. The sun still shines glistening on the great blue lake. Kuratau remains the simplest of places. The sea of trees still glares at me...
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