The Lady with the Pet Dog

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  • Published : September 19, 2011
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When approaching the two stories of The Lady with the Pet Dog by Joyce Carol Oates and Anton Chekhov we learn of a much more comprehensive and interesting approach of how the two different writers have treated the issue of illicit affair between two married people than when each story is treated separately. Through superficial judgment, the stories seem to be opposing against each other in a diametrical way. The writing of Chekhov indicates his strict male perspective of showing his social world view of the imperial Russian society of 1899. Oates on the other hand wrote from the perspective of a modernized educated woman of the United States of 1972. This was a time in the U.S when women were actively fighting for equality especially in social aspects which had for a long time been dominated by their male counterparts and also with the aim of dismantling the power structure dominated by the male. This paper will examine the points of similarities as well as the great differences presented between the works of by Joyce Carol Oates and Anton Chekhov in their stories The Lady with the Pet Dog. This story presents how one is able to read the stories either from a male or female perspective.

The stories the Lady with the Pet Dog by Joyce Carol Oates and Anton Chekhov are two versions which have closely related plots about the love affair of two adulterers. The versions endings are also similar where by each couple in the stories comes to a discovery of true love. The connotations of the story are also very much similar and the difference depends on the point of view the reader chooses. In both versions the stories are told from the opposite couple’s point of view or from the opposite characters because the intention of Oates was not to directly borrow from the original work written by Chekhov. Oates’s version of the story is the updated version of the earlier work by Chekhov in that she maintains most of the original characters in Chekhov’s story that...
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