The Lady Versus Goliath Question 1

Topics: William Tecumseh Sherman, Scorched earth, John D. Rockefeller Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: February 24, 2011
Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller, were both at one point in there life’s the richest men in the world. However they both had very different trails getting to their fortunes. Rockefeller was more or less handed money being part of the prestige aristocracy, however he was a very shred and organized man. He stressed the idea of planning ahead and never procrastinating, in most cases he was a penny-pinching millionaire. Even as a child he was always very organized and always planned ahead. This helped contribute to his success in his life with is Oil Company. Andrew Carnegie was not as fortunate as Rockefeller; he was an Irish Immigrant and at one point in his life was making a $1.70 a week. He was the epitome of the American dream; he rose from the poorest of the poor to the richest of the rich. He literally was a wreck to riches; he worked very hard and became his own boss. In his younger years he would always work very hard and he knew how to play the system and rose quickly. Both men were very cunning and wise with their money; however they were also very ruthless and for good reason. They would not have been as successful if they weren’t ruthless; they did what they had to do to make money. Just like William T. Sherman used his scorched earth tactics in the south during the Civil War, he did what he had to do to come out on top. I admire men like this, they don’t care what people think, and they did what they had to do to be successful.
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