The Lady or the Tiger Draft

Topics: The Streets, Frank R. Stockton, Robert F. Stockton Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Is the King Just or barbaric? draft
Would you endure to witness an innocent man torn to pieces by a savage tiger? How about tolerating a guilty man who has been rewarded by marriage and claimed innocent walk the streets, all while being able to commit the same or greater crime once again? the king has had many trials , but have they all been supported with evidence or witnesses. Have they been asked their part of the story or given the chance to confess their crime? No they haven't so there cant be a valid reasonto believe the king to be just. In the story, "The Lady or the Tiger" by Frank R. Stockton, the king's form of justice instances his barbaric and inequitable forms of reason.

Personality indicates the characteristics of someone so that we can have a silver lining of understanding their motives and/or actions. An example would be how his ambition, " .... turned his varied fancies into facts (298)." we can therefore conclude the extent of ,"...his barbaric idealism (298)." that the king so arrogantly sorrounded himself with. He would also be very strict and stubborn because , "when he and himself agreed upon anything, the thing was done. (298) Wildly, "...untramalled... (298)" he "...became half of him which was barbaric (298)'' so when nothing seemed to be done his way, he would barbaricly put out of line subjects into place. a few characteristics that partake in the king's personality consist of; arrogance, ambition, stubborness, strictness, and barberism.
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